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  Casette Romane " Daje ! "

The houses have, in the name, a sense of positivity and energy that in Rome is expressed with one word: Daje! Literally voice of the verb to give, impersonal ... in reality it is very personal, it can mean everything, a kind of passepartout: it has an exhortative, affirmative meaning, it expresses the possibility that anything can come true, reinforces and adds emphasis to other words, it is a species of dialectal mood, always positive, lies between the "come on" and the "yes we can", usually accompanied by the body language according to the various shades it assumes: eddaje, daje tutto, daje forte, aridaje ... there are infinite variations of Daje in Rome, all positive. How positive this experience of hospitality wants to be, therefore: Daje! Come to the Casette Romane Daje to live a unique experience!